Lead Sports Dietitian Harriet Walker (APD) has worked in both private practice and public health and has experience across a broad range of clients and projects. 

  • B. Human Nutrition
  • Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian 
  • Accredited Sports Dietitian 
  • Cert III & IV Personal training
  • Surf Life saver/ Surf Boat rower
  • Competed inthe George Bass surf boat Marathon (2014/2016)
  • Competitor INBA Canberra (Figure) 2012
  • Level I ISAK accredited anthropometrist
  • Diploma Leadership & Management 

Clients and partners include: 

  • PWC Canberra 
  • Body Science 
  • 98 Riley St Gym, Sydney 
  • Chocolate Box Gym, Sydney
  • Seretonin Gym, Sydney 
  • Project Fitness Canberra  

Novice Female Athlete Scholarship 

The Athletic Eating Female Athlete Scholarship was established in 2018 and will have it's first recipient in January 2019. The scholarship was introduced in order to assist in the progression of female sports, with aim of helping novice women to progress to semi-elite and elite ranks.

 From July 2018, $5 for every initial consultation is donated by Athletic Eating and goes towards an annual scholarship for a novice female athlete to go towards any venture that is aimed at progressing their sporting career. This includes to assist in coaching costs, travel to local or overseas competitions or training equipment purchases. Plus the recipient will receive 2 months nutrition support from Athletic Eating.

Details for applications will be available from November 2018. 

Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Athletic Eating believe that maximising your nutrition means taking the steps that are right for YOU. So start your journey with us today. 



  • Nutrition education

  • Meal planning

  • Body  Re-composition

  • Clinical nutrition 

  • Seminars

  • Nutrition Resources

  • Nutrition planning for major events

  • Blogs

  • Nutrition consultation services

  • Content development

  • Team nutrition

  • Junior athletes




For minor dietary adjustments and fine-tuning current routines. 

$130 — Initial Consultation
$90 — Follow up review session


$130- 3 day diet analysis and tailored meal plan (initial consultation required)

$299- 7 day diet analysis and advanced athlete meal plan (for racing & recovery- initial consultation required) 

Nutrition Coaching

For major events or big body composition goals. To read more about these services, download the product information here

$440 * 8 Week Coaching Package (paid up front or in 2 instalments)
$620 Advanced Coaching Package (paid upfront or in 2 instalments) 

*Initial consultation required before sign-on & please read terms of sign-on. Minimum 8 week block required, price includes basic meal plan and weekly email/phone check in. 2 x 8 week blocks recommended for physique competitors, including peak week plan and plan adjustments.