8-Week Impact Block (nutrition coaching)

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Big goals take time and support. This package is designed for performance goals such as weight cuts, targeted mass gain, bodybuilding competitions*, general/pre-season athletic preparation or for larger weight loss goals (3kg+). This package provides everything you need for successful change in heath, lifestyle and performance, plus the accountability and education to ensure that your results can be maintained long term. This package requires full commitment and clients will sign a coaching contract to ensure they are aware of the level of commitment required to achieve their goals.

In this package you receive:

  • A review of your usual dietary patterns
  • A review your training and lifestyle goals
  • A summary of the key points you need to focus on to fine tune your nutrition
  • Consultation summary including outline of your estimated energy and macronutrient requirements
  • Information resources specific to your needs
  • Personalised meal plan template and access to the Nutrium nutrition app (includes weight tracking, food diary, water intake push notices)
  • Weekly email coaching check-ins and unlimited email and phone support
  • Fortnightly online coaching sessions (20-30 minutes)
  • Adjustments to meal plans as required.